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Starlake project - a star shining on the West Lake - is considered the only project "gold" is located in the busy city of Hanoi. Officially launched on January 21, 2014, Starlake urban area with a total investment capital of $ 2.7 billion, with a population of 24,300 people, on an area of 186.3 hectares, built built 3 high class apartment buildings, 63 single villas, 158 duplex villas and 28 adjacent houses with full facilities. With superior position, feng shui, Starlake urban promises to be the new administrative and cultural center of Hanoi.

Tổng quan khu đô thị Starlake

Overview of Starlake urban area


1. Location Starlake Apartment

Starlake project is located in the administrative boundary of Xuan La ward - Tay Ho district, Nghia Do ward - Cau Giay district and Co Nhue 1 ward - Northern district of Tu Liem with 3 sides adjacent to green park system:

- The East is bordered by West Lake

- The North West borders with Peace Park

- The West side is adjacent to Huu Nghi Park

Vị trí khu đô thị Starlake và khu vực lân cận

Location of Starlake Urban Area

2. Convenient transportation:

Convenient transportation is in the focal area of Hanoi's urban transport planning, with easy access to the ring roads and urban railways 2 and 4 in the future.

Enjoying a spacious living space separated from the outside but only 5 km from the city center (about 10 minutes by car) and 14 km from Noi Bai international airport (about 20 minutes by car) .


Tay Ho Tay housing project is planned on an area of 186.3 hectares but the land for building houses only 26 hectares, the remaining 64% is invested public works, recreation area, artificial lake, yard playgrounds, swimming pools, tennis courts and landscaped grounds.

Tay Ho Tay project has invested 46 hectares of commercial buildings, financial centers and offices with modern facilities, along with cultural works, education and schools at all levels.

Sơ đồ phối cảnh khu đô thị Starlake từ trên cao


The urban area consists of about 700 apartments, 63 single villas, 158 duplex villas and 28 adjacent houses.

For Starlake Apartments

Starlake Apartment has about 700 apartments are designed optimal and modern in the trend to make full use of the view, light, and natural wind from the West Lake. The Starlake project area is diverse, with an average of around 130 square meters, with apartments of 2, 3, 4 bedrooms and penthouses.

For single villas:

- Land area: 254-400 m2

- Number of floors: 3 floors

- Housing area: 130 - 190 m2

- Total floor area: 320-440 m2

- Land use coefficient: 1.1 - 1.3

For twin villas:

- Land area: 185-310 m2

- Number of floors: 3

- Housing area: 90-140 m2

- Total floor area: 220-345 m3

- Land use coefficient: 1.0 - 1.3

- Main function Starlake villa:

+ 1st floor: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, maid room, laundry room, toilet

+ 2nd floor: bedroom, reading room, dressing room, recreation room, toilet

+ 3rd floor: bedroom, common room, dressing room, laundry room, toilet.

Mẫu nhà biệt thự khu đô thị Starlake


Townhouse in Starlake

- Land area: 130-245 m2


- Number of floors: 3

- Housing area: 70-130 m2


- Total floor area: 260-400 m2

- Land use coefficient: 1.6 - 2.0


- Main function of adjacent Starlake.

+ 1st floor: living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, toilet


+ 2nd floor: bedroom, reading room, changing room, toilet

+ 3rd floor: bedroom, reading room, dressing room, toilet

Mẫu nhà liền kề khu đô thị Starlake


Construction progress

The first phase of the residential area of 114 ha will be constructed from June 2010 to December 2019, the H9-CT1 apartment building project and personnel will be built; Stage 2 will be 71.5 hectares wide when implementing the keyboard interface.

Sơ đồ mặt bằng khu đô thị Starlake



Thang Long Theater, the new cultural icon of Hanoi will be inaugurated at Starlake, promising it will be an important cultural center in the future of the city..

Khu nhà hát Thăng Long

The trade center complex offers state-of-the-art services, typical of modern and civilized lifestyles

Dãy phố thương mại khu đô thị Starlake

The spacious lake and green park system, such as Hoa Binh Park, Huu Nghi Park and Ho Tay Water Park create an ideal living environment, creating a green and healthy lifestyle for residents. of the Starlake apartment complex.

Không gian sống khu đô thị Starlake

Offering 8 hectares of land for schools, Starlake values comprehensive education at all levels. Located close to the top universities in Vietnam, Starlake residents have easy access to high academic institutions.

Trường học quốc tế

International school in Starlake urban area


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