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Introduction about the investor of Starlake Urban: Daewoo E &C group

(Updated: 5/23/2019 10:08:41 AM)

Starlake Urban is high class project with starlake apartment for rent and villas for rent in starlake

Introduction about the investor of Starlake Urban: Daewoo E &C group 

Possessing a prime location, Starlake Urban emerged as an attractive super project in Tay Ho district. "The person behind" Starlake is a famous brand in Korea - Daewoo E&C. With its prestige and top reputation, the investor promises to bring the most luxurious and high standard urban area in Asia in Ha Noi capital included: apartments for rent in Starlake and villas for rent in Starlake with the ideal living space, diversified utility system, community civilized residents ... Daewoo E&C is one of Korea's top 4 construction corporations with a long-standing reputation in the international arena. Born in 1970 and now Starlake Ho Tay investor has built more than 300 projects in more than 47 countries around the world, including Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. Daewoo E&C wishes to become a leading company that is trusted and honored by customers all over the world. Indeed, with successes in a number of major projects in the world, Daewoo E&C is highly valued and has a strong position in the real estate market, gaining "trust" from global customers. Owning a world-class team of experts and know-how with the long-term vision of urban planning and optimal development strategy, this investor will surely bring a superstar Starlake Hanoi with quality the best and most beautiful.


The reputation of Daewoo E&C investor is confirmed by a series of outstanding projects such as:

Hanoi Daewoo Hotel - The symbol of modernity and comfort

Daewoo - Cleve Project: Top luxury condominium

Daeha Business Center - Modern high-class complex

Starlake Hanoi project is considered a "strategic" step marking the development of Daewoo E&C investor in Vietnamese market. This Tay Ho Tay urban area is built on an area of ​​186.3 hectares with an extremely favorable position, connecting with a series of key projects such as the road connecting Nhat Tan bridge - Noi Bai airport , the belt road project 1 2-3, future 2nd and 4th rail roads ... so this super project is expected to become a transitional urban area of ​​Hanoi, changing the landscape and architectural appearance of the western area of ​​Hanoi.


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