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Opportunity to profit when investing in Starlake

(Updated: 5/25/2019 3:34:12 PM)

Opportunity to profit when investing in Starlake

Owning a golden position, beautiful location right in the heart of Hanoi city, only the West Lake 10 minutes walk, the urban area Starlake West Lake West with the scale of 186ha, in which the area for campus and lake Green trees with public works up to 84% are evaluated by experts as one of the few projects with high profit potential with airy space to bring an ideal and prosperous life for residents.

Optimal design with Korean style

The sustainable success of the business can never separate the value and benefits of the community, Daewoo E&C is the Korean foreign investor of the project through West Ho Tay Development Co., Ltd. patiently Spend nearly ten years for clearance, planning and design. Accordingly, Starlake Tay Ho Tay aims to become a truly worth living urban area for every resident. Accordingly, Starlake Tay Ho Tay only spends 16% of the total area of 183.6ha of project land for commercial houses, the rest will be used for creating auxiliary utilities to create a comfortable lifestyle. class for residents.

After the first phase, Starlake West Ho Tay successfully sold 364 adjacent villas, covering an area of 132m2 to 400m2 around a 6.3ha lake, besides the investor is continue to build a common complex, luxury apartment Starlake and international standard utility system, help residents have the opportunity to experience the upper-class life of a super-class super project in the heart of Hanoi capital. The project consists of 3 24-storey towers with 603 high-class apartments from 2 to 4 bedrooms, with a clearance area of 91.25m2 to 154.54m2, designed in the optimal architectural style of Korea optimal light and wind convection

Gadget world "in the palm"

Starlake urban area is built by a utility developer to help residents enjoy "In the palm" comfort. In particular, Starlake apartment complex is also considered a peaceful resting place for residents with very low construction density, only accounting for 31.2% in the 2.5ha campus.

The high-class resort life of Tay Ho Tay project is portrayed by three factors: world-class hotels, bustling and bustling commercial centers, and spaces covering the area. Top-class partners in the world have committed to join hands with Daewoo E&C and THT to turn Starlake into a vacation paradise including but not limited to: Emart - Korea's leading retail chain, Group Korean entertainment CJ, and reputable real estate developer SE&C ...

The professional working life is portrayed through the emergence of office buildings with a state-of-the-art information technology system that aims to make it an international economic and financial economic center in the future. With 8 government departments planning to locate the office in starlake plus a convenient geographical location near the diplomatic corps with 13 embassy countries near the airport and surrounded by blood traffic routes circuits such as Pham Van Dong route, Vo Chi Cong street .... Especially in the knowledge and educational life of Starlake, the investor has paid much attention to the appearance of the Inter-National School. International Gateway and a number of international reputation schools only in the near future.



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