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Semi-detached villas houses for rent in Starlake

Villas for rent in Starlake are located in a long-standing hotspot for renters looking for high-quality properties and fantastic amenities. The area is a great home to beautiful landscapes with many trees, high-fashion retail, and famous cafes,...

Overview of villas houses for rent in Starlake

Starlake is planned in an area of 186.3ha, the land for housing construction only accounts for 26ha, and the remaining 64% is invested in the construction of public works and entertainment areas, the artificial lake, next to it is a playground for children, swimming pool, tennis court and landscape for the whole area.

The project offers 46ha of commercial buildings, financial centers, and offices... With full modern equipment and cultural, educational, and school buildings at all levels.

Villas for rent in Starlake

Semi-detached villas for rent in Starlake are underway — a new neighborhood focused on sustainability, community, and nature.

Information about Starlake semi-detached Villa for rent:

- Area: 185m2 - 310m2

- Construction: 3 floors

- Residential construction area: 90-140 m2

- Total area: 220m2 - 345 m3

- Coefficient of land use: 1.0 – 1.3

- Features of Starlake Villa for rent/sale:

+ Floor 1: Design into the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, maid room, laundry room, toilet

+ 2nd floor: Including bedroom, reading room, dressing room, entertainment room, toilet

+ 3rd floor: Including bedroom, common room, changing room, laundry room, and toilet.

Amazing amenities when living in semi-detached villas for rent in Starlake

The investor wants the urban area to become a new symbol of Hanoi, a miniature space of the New York global trade center and as well as the cultural capital of Paris, the urban area will bring utilities with the best quality for the residents here.

Villas in Starlake

Luckily for Hanoians looking for a new villas offering lifestyle, connectivity and sustainability, a new semi-detached villa for rent in Starlake

In Starlake's urban area, residents will have access to all the conveniences they will need in life such as restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, shops, and landscaped gardens.

- Build a parking lot that can accommodate up to 1,031 cars and 2,000 motorbikes.

- Outdoor badminton court

- Outdoor golf practice room

- Fully equipped yoga studio

- Fitness gym with full equipment

- Children's playground, adult playground

- Outdoor swimming pool, indoor four-season swimming pool

- Retail sales area

- School for children

- Cool cafe - Garden on the roof - Community House

In addition to information about Starlake semi-detached villas for rent, you can see more Starlake semi-detached villas for sale on the information page about Tay Ho Tay urban area - Starlake. To update the latest information about the Starlake villa project, please contact Tan Long Land immediately through the hotline for quick advice

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Villas for sale in Starlake


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