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Semi-detached villas for sale in Starlake

We need to resell the apartments of Starlake detached villas, duplex villas, and adjacent villas, with the original price of the investor 112.15 million - 123.37 million. The low price difference, enter the name immediately, and the procedure is quick. Details see more detailed about semi-detached villas for sale in Starlake.

Overview of Starlake semi-detached villas for sale

Starlake is the most luxurious urban area in Vietnam located in Tay Ho Tay urban area, Hanoi towards Noi Bai airport with full diverse functions: administration, hotel, finance, education, commerce, and entertainment... Expressing class, the Starlake project is a symbol of the expectation of the most luxurious model star urban area in Southeast Asia May 24, 2019.

Overview of Starlake

Starlake is developed with a series of semi-detached villas, creating a classy and comfortable living space.

The scale of the Starlake Tay Ho Tay urban area project:

 - Total area: 186.32 ha 

- Expected population size: 24,300 people 

- Total investment capital: 548 million USD 

- Project construction density: about 16% 

- Project progress: Phase 1 with a scale of 114 hectares is expected to be constructed from 2014 to 2019. Starlake West Lake Villas. 

- Types of area: 185 to 400 m2. 

- Construction density of Starlake villas: 42% to 53%. - Sale and purchase contract: Pay 10% to sign the sales contract. - Original price: 112.15 million/m2.


Only at Starlake, residents will be able to live and enjoy the most modern, synchronous, and standard infrastructure to meet the development trend of Hanoi capital with a vision to 2030.

Currently, the whole phase 1 of the project has 3 duplex villas, customers can buy the original directly from the investor. Information to buy the original Starlake Tay Ho Tay villa is as follows:

Semi-detached villas for sale in sub-area H10 (191m)

Villas for sale in Starlake

The entire H10 area has a total of 66 villas, of which 132m to 154m are adjacent. Semi-detached Starlake villas with an area of ​​​​191 to 193m2. The investor has sold all 65 villas, leaving only one duplex of 191m2. The main door faces east, selling for 22.7 billion VNĐ, the house has been completed, ready to receive the house immediately. The Starlake villa in the H10 area has had a lot of residents who have moved in. And many residents have red books.

The H10 villa area is the sub-area with the smallest area of ​​the project. As one of the first sub-zones to sell and start construction

Semi-detached villas for sale in Starlake sub-area H7.1 (215m)

The semi-detached villas for sale in Starlake sub-area H7.1 is open for sale in the second phase 1. It is a sub-zone that will start selling after construction is completed. Therefore, customers will receive a discount if they pay early.

Semi-detached villas for sale in Starlake - H7 is the sub-area with the largest number of residents. The current investor has sold out, only 1 unit is left, lot 27. The main door is facing the East of Starlake villa, sub-area h7, selling price of 26 billion, preferential if paid early.

Semi-detached villas for sale in Starlake sub-area H7.1 (215m)

The main door faces north, the price is more than 26 billion VNĐ, receive the house right away, there are incentives if customers pay early

Starlake villa was built by the investor with 3 floors and completed on the outside for customers, inside will hand over raw brick walls. Phase 1 of Starlake villa has about 70 households moving in.

Starlake Hanoi Villa to become a multi-functional urban area allows you to experience synchronous utilities in an ideal living space. Class office area, space for cultural exchange, and global education. Luxury shopping and entertainment center. Starlake Hanoi offers a civilized, modern, multi-national community that values ​​privacy and safety.

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