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Overview of utilities of Starlake Ho Tay

Only at Tay Ho Tay Starlake Project, residents can live and enjoy standard, diversified and modern facilities, meeting the trend of Hanoi planning development to 2030. This is an urban area. perfect with modern facilities in an ideal living space: 8ha of area for international standard schools, Thang Long Theater, shopping complex, Art Quarter with miniature space of Broadway (USA), Venice (Italy), Times Square (USA) ...

Starlake brings a professional business environment for domestic and international entrepreneurs. You will also experience the cultural colors of Vietnam and the world, the Broadway (American) art streets, or a moment of Venice (Italy), or the vibrant bustling space of Times Square (USA). right at Starlake.

Utilities at Starlake city

Spending 8ha of land for schools, Starlake attaches great importance to comprehensive education at all levels. International standard schools will play alongside the UNIS, SIS, HIS, CAS, Hanoi Academy schools ... in the region. Near the top prestigious universities in Vietnam, residents at Starlake have easy access to high-quality educational institutions.

Starlake is the place where the Government chooses to set up the headquarters of the ministries, the Diplomatic Corps, the national cultural works, making it the new administrative center of Hanoi. This is a complex shopping mall with the most advanced commercial facilities of the world, typical of a civilized and classy lifestyle.

The space of West Lake connects with the green space axis and beautiful regulating lake system, creating a living environment in harmony with nature. Connecting with Hoa Binh Park, Huu Nghi Park, Ho Tay Water Park, Starlake is modern but still blends with green ecosystem and regional water surface, creating an ideal living environment for residents.



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