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Why is West Lake Starlake the perfect retreat?

(Updated: 5/25/2019 3:34:44 PM)

Why is West Lake Starlake the perfect retreat?

Starlake is connected to Tay Ho area - the most geographical location of Hanoi - where the aura meets, feng shui pine, prosperous life. The ideal distance for modern living activities. is the reason for choosing Project Starlake!



With the most advanced construction techniques in 30 countries around the world, Daewoo E&C Group will create a comprehensive international high-class urban area with full range of functions. kind for environment friendly environment and rich public functions such as administration, hotel, education, finance, trade, a peaceful city area with the natural beauty of Tay Ho windy, a city area for the future is always directed towards the owners living there, the city area expresses high level and is the pride of the Residents.

Highly profitable investment opportunities from the Starlake project

- Its location on the only "golden" zone still in Hanoi, the Starlake project gives you the opportunity to explore and enjoy the benefits of a superlative super-city in the heart of Hanoi.


- Where the Government chooses to place the headquarters of the Ministry of Industry, the Foreign Affairs Union, and the national cultural house, making Starlake the new administrative center of Hanoi.


- Starlake promises to be a stop for reputable capitalists, business partners with strategic vision.


- Daewoo E&C reputation - Assured by KDB.

Gold position in Hanoi city

- Starlake is connected to Tay Ho area - the most remote location of Hanoi - where spirituality gathers, feng shui is prosperous, life is prosperous.

- Ideal distance for modern living activities: Only 25 minutes to Noi Bai International Airport, 20 minutes to Hanoi center and the other middle administrative.


- Located in the capital area in the city's strategy of transport development, it is easy to access the ring road 2 (Nhat Tan Bridge), Ring Road 2.5 (West of Hanoi), Ring Road 3 (Thang Bridge) Long) and urban railways No. 2 and 4 in the future.


Reputation group

- With 40 years of experience in the construction and growth of new urban areas in Korea and 47 countries around the world, Daewoo E&C possesses the world's leading team of experts and know-how.


- Investors have a long-term vision of urban planning and optimal growth strategies.


- KDB - South Korea's largest bank to ensure capital for apartment development.

starlake where life activities flourish

- Starlake - linking Tay Ho space with a green space axis and a beautiful system of regulating lakes, giving people an ecological environment right in the heart of Hanoi


- Starlake - a multifunctional city area gives you the opportunity to explore the synchronous usefulness in the perfect living space, the office space, the global cultural and educational space, the shopping center. and luxurious entertainment.


- Starlake - works on a civilized, advanced, modern, multinational community, attaching great importance to privacy and safety.


Currently Starlake Ho Tay apartments are starting to be offered for sale,


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