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Shophouses for sale in Starlake - Updated news

Shophouses for sale in Starlake West Lake Tay Ho are in prime locations in the heart of Hanoi. The project boasts 84% of its area dedicated to green spaces, lakes, and public facilities - the STAR LAKE urban area developed by Daewoo E&C Group, a renowned construction and development conglomerate. 

Shophouses for sale in Starlake West Lake Tay Ho urban area

Selling Shophouses in Starlake West Lake Tay Ho

Phase 1 of Starlake consists of a total of 364 low-rise houses, including townhouses, villas, and shophouses. Shophouses for sale in Starlake of Phase 1 are only 23 units with a view of two main roads. Among them, the more extensive road serves commercial purposes, and the back road serves the houses.

Shophouses for sale in Starlake West Lake Tay Ho urban area

The architecture of Shophouses for sale at Starlake is modern and focused mainly on commercial functions, with the built-up area optimized for business purposes. Gardens and landscaping are located at the rear of the house, creating a peaceful and relaxing space. Shophouse Starlake Phase 1 has te wo sizes: 132m2 and 154m2, with a construction density of 70m, built on four floors (excluding the basement). The frontage of townhouses ranges from 6m to 8m. 

The detailed design for each floor - Starlake shophouses for sale:

  • - Floor 1: 1 living room, 1 dining room, kitchen, and 1 bathroom.
  • - Floor 2: 1 bedroom, 1 reading room, dressing room, and 1 bathroom.
  • - Floor 3: 2 bedrooms, reading room, dressing room, and 2 bathrooms.
  • - Floor 4: 2 bedrooms, communal living room (used as a worship space), laundry room, and 1 bathroom.
  • - Selling Shophouse Phase 2 Starlake West Lake:

Continuing the success of Shophouses and Villas for sale in Starlake in Phase 1 of the Starlake project, THT Development Company introduces to the public the Phase 2 villa subdivision at Starlake, located in the K3, K5, K7 sub-areas of Starlake. The K3 Starlake Shophouse area has been handed over since June 2021, with diverse areas ranging from 150m2 to 500m2.

The total number of shops in the Starlake K3 area is about 100 lots, including about 40 Shops along the outer part of the sub-area. The inner positions will be reserved for the design of detached and semi-detached villas, with areas of 200m2 and above. According to the approved plan, Shophouses in Starlake K3 is unique in combining residential and business functions, creating a unique commercial residential area in the West Lake Tay Ho Urban Area - Shophouses for sale in Starlake Tay Ho.

The potential of shophouses for sale in Starlake Tay Ho urban area

Shophouses for sale in Starlake West Lake Tay Ho serve as ideal residences and lucrative business opportunities, appealing to diverse customers. Their added value surpasses traditional residential options, attracting attention in Phase 1 for their versatility and unique amenities.

Starlake H6 and neighboring Shophouse areas have experienced a notable price increase. Launched in 2017, Starlake H6 sold out within two days, starting at 120 million/m2. By 2023, Shophouse prices doubled, showcasing their excellent investment potential.

Success in Phase 1 indicates that Shophouses in K5 and K7 are profitable, with Phase 2 offering attractive investment opportunities. Nearby areas, such as Shophouse Embassy Ngoai Giao Doan and Romantic Park Shophouse, have seen rapid price growth, achieving high rental rates for business purposes.

Strategically located on Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Shophouse K5, K7, near the Vo Chi Cong area, it holds profit potential with flexible payment options. In Phase 2, the limited number of Shophouses contributes to the overall development of the expansive 186-ha urban area.

The average selling price of commercial Shophouses at Starlake ranges from 360.5 - 731.5 million/m2. With a limited quantity and a prestigious location, the price may increase 3-4 times compared to the opening time. If you are interested in learning more about buying and selling Shophouses in Starlake Tay Ho, please get in touch with the hotline for detailed assistance!

Hotline: 0986 720 720

Website: khudothistarlake.com/en

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