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Information Overview of urban area Starlake

Daewoo E&C Group invested in the construction of the Project of the Central Area of ​​Tay Ho Tay Urban Area (STARLAKE) to become one of the most luxurious and luxurious urban areas in Asia. With an area of ​​more than 186.3 hectares, connected to the West Lake green space and arterial traffic axis to Noi Bai International Airport, STARLAKE is the symbol of a most modern and modern urban area in Vietnam.

Owning a world-class team of experts and know-how, Daewoo E&C with a long history of project development in more than 47 countries promises to create a world-class urban area in sync with full of utilities of "green" living environment in harmony with nature, besides functional areas such as administration, hotels, education, trade and entertainment.


Starlake Ho Tay possesses a prime location with a flexible satellite connection, and inherits a high-class infrastructure to ensure a modern life. In particular, the project also has a position of enlistment and promise to bring about a peaceful and prosperous life.


► Ideal distance for modern life

Only 5km from the city center

14 km from Noi Bai International Airport

Easy connection to ring road 2, belt 2.5, belt 3 and urban railway No. 2 and 4

Only 7 minutes walk to West Lake and 3 minutes to Hoang Quoc Viet


With 40 years of experience in the field of urban construction and development in Korea and 47 countries around the world, Daewoo E&C has built a solid position in the market, Star Lake investors promise to be outstanding products and complete fine about both design and lifestyle.


The convergence of rare and valuable living values ​​of any project, Star Lake Ho Tay is the gathering place of high-educated, multinational residents with a modern resident community with absolute and civilized behavior. Respect the privacy and safety of residents.


With the scale of 186.3 hectares in the golden position in the center of Hanoi, of which 84% of the area is devoted to greenery, water surface and public works. Starlake gives residents the opportunity to experience the amenities and utilities of a super project in the heart of Hanoi.


According to Savills Vietnam, Tay Ho district (Hanoi) is still the region with the highest revenue from serviced apartments in the past time because this area has a large concentration of foreign guests and high-class tenants. large demand for rent, high affordability. Rents range from $ 800-3000 / unit, depending on each floor.

It  gather  25 Grade A office buildings and 8 government departments from 2018, so apartment investment in Tay Ho district area in general and Starlake Ho Tay project in particular will have potential value. Great rental capabilities in the future.



 Only at Tay Ho Tay Starlake Project, residents can live and enjoy standard, diversified and modern facilities, meeting the trend of Hanoi planning development to 2030. This is an urban area. perfect with modern facilities in an ideal living space: 8ha of area for international standard schools, Thang Long Theater, shopping complex, Art Quarter with miniature space of Broadway (USA), Venice (Italy), Times Square (USA) ...



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